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The Adventures of Nero Wolfe
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Nero Wolfe, the Adventures of

The Adventures of Nero Wolfe was an immensely popular mystery detective show broadcast from 1943 to 1951. Nero Wolfe was a fictional detective genius created by the American mystery writer Rex Stout, who made his debut in 1934. Many actors played Wolfe, including Santos Ortega, Francis Bushman, and Sydney Greenstreet. Much like Sherlock Holmes, Wolfe had a confidential assistant Archie Goodwin who recorded his cases. Unlike Holmes, Wolfe never left the comfort of his residence in order to solve cases.

Nero Wolfe's set of eccentricities endeared himself to millions of radio fans. Rex Stout's Wolfe was a remarkably well-developed and detailed character. As an unapologetically fat man, Wolfe is a beer-drinking and chair-bound genius who cultivated orchids and enjoyed lavish fine food. Wolfe supported his luxurious lifestyle at his Brownstone residence in New York by interpreting the data and evidence collected by his right-hand man Archie Goodwin.

There are 25 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Impolite Corpse December 8, 1950
Beautiful Archer November 24, 1950
Careless Cleaner November 17, 1950
Dear Dead Lady November 3, 1950
The Care Worn Cuff October 27, 1950
Stamped For Murder October 20, 1950
The Bashful Body December 29, 1950
The Slaughtered Santas December 22, 1950
The Girl Who Cried Wolfe December 15, 1950
The Brave Rabbit December 1, 1950
Vanishing Shells February 2, 1951
A Slight Case Of Perjury April 6, 1951
The Tell-Tale Ribbon March 30, 1951
The Final Page March 23, 1951
Deadly Sell-Out January 5, 1951
Killer Cards January 12, 1951
Calculated Risk January 19, 1951
Phantom Fingers January 26, 1951
Room 304 April 27, 1951
Midnight Ride March 16, 1951
Disappearing Diamonds March 9, 1951
The Hasty Will March 2, 1951
Malevolent Medic February 23, 1951
Party For Death February 16, 1951
The Lost Heir April 20, 1951

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